“The key to weed control is being timely. With Brake Herbicde, I always know that if Mother Nature doesn’t allow me to spray or get back in the field, Brake gives me peace of mind with its staying power. Peace of mind is PRICELESS.”
- Patrick Turnage, Caruthersville, MO
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New for 2018, Brake Herbicide puts cotton growers in control of their fields—stopping yield-robbing weeds.


A new versatile formulation, Brake Herbicide is your foundational at-plant or pre-plant residual herbicide.  With broad-spectrum weed control—especially under wet conditions—a NEW mode of action, Brake Herbicide is the safest preemergence cotton herbicide available.


New for 2018, Brake is now part of the PhytoGen® Residual Rewards Program

SePRO Corporation and Brake® Herbicide are enthused to be a partner in the PhytoGen® Residual Rewards Program.  Brake is the premier preemergence herbicide providing unmatched residual weed control and optimizing cotton production with PhytoGen® cottonseed.

“Using Brake allowed us to do other things with other crops. I wished I had used it on my entire cotton crop.”
– Harris and Alex Amour, Somerville, TN
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