•  Foundational Preemergence Herbicide

•  Keeps working under wet conditions

•  New Mode of Action

•  Safest Preemergence Cotton Herbicide


New for 2018, Brake Herbicide puts cotton growers in control of their fields—stopping yield-robbing weeds.


A new versatile formulation, Brake Herbicide is your foundational at-plant or pre-plant residual herbicide.  With broad-spectrum weed control—especially under wet conditions—and a NEW mode of action, Brake Herbicide is the safest preemergence cotton herbicide available.

New for 2018, Brake is now part of the PhytoGen® Residual Rewards Program

SePRO Corporation and Brake® Herbicide are enthused to be a partner in the PhytoGen® Residual Rewards Program.  Brake is the premier preemergence herbicide providing unmatched residual weed control and optimizing cotton production with PhytoGen® cottonseed.