Attention Sweet Potato Growers in North Carolina

After years of product development and effort with Dr. Katie Jennings at North Carolina State University, SePRO is pleased to announce a new herbicide and mode of action is available to support the sweet potato growers in North Carolina.  

Brake® SP is labeled for pre-plant applications alone or in combination with other residual herbicides (e.g. Valor® SX) to provide lasting control of Palmer amaranth. The new mode of action in Brake SP will help fight herbicide resistance and improve weed control.

Brake SP is available for use in the following counties under a Section 18 Emergency Use Exemption:

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SePRO Recommended Pre-plant Use Rates and Tank-mixes      

Brake SP - 80 fl. oz./acre (8 acres/case    Case = 2 x 2.5 gals.)
Brake SP - 64 fl. oz./acre plus Valor® SX at 1.5 - 3 oz./acre (10 acres/case    Case = 2 x 2.5 gals.)

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For more information, contact SePRO Regional Sales Manager Shaun Hyde at 317-605-2596 or

Brake SP Application Guidelines

The Brake SP System
1.    Apply pre-plant burndown herbicide/field preparation
2.    Apply Brake SP pre-plant
3.    Scout for weeds and utilize cultivation when needed
4.    Broadcast application of a residual herbicide following cultivation

The first essential step in a weed management program prior to transplanting sweet potato is to destroy all existing weeds with a preplant herbicide program along with tillage to prepare the field.  Starting with a Palmer amaranth-free field is the only way to possibly maintain a Palmer amaranth-free field and attain zero-tolerance control.

After preparing the beds apply Brake SP at 64 to 80 fluid ounces per acre to the soil surface, up to 14 days before transplanting sweet potato.  Apply in a manner that will ensure uniform application and good coverage over the field.  Brake SP is not a post-emergent herbicide; once Palmer amaranth has established Brake SP will not control Palmer amaranth.  
Mixing Brake SP
No adjuvants are needed for application of this product.  Due to differences in water quality and the numerous products available, not all adjuvants or fertilizers have been tested for compatibility with this product.  Thus, conduct a jar test before mixing this product with adjuvants and/or fertilizer to ensure compatibility.  Do not mix this product with spray adjuvants or drift control agents containing polyacrylamide, or fertilizers containing sulfur.  Mixing Brake SP with these products will result in a precipitate to form in the spray tank which may clog spray filters during application.  If this product is part of a tank-mix that includes a burndown herbicide or combination, follow label use directions for the adjuvant/surfactant and other herbicides used in the tank-mix.  Applying Brake SP in a tank-mix with other residual herbicides such as Valor®SX may increase the longevity of Palmer amaranth control if the soil is not disturbed during the growing season.

Irrigation or Rainfall for Activation of Brake SP
Moisture is necessary to activate Brake SP in soil for residual weed control.  Dry weather following application of Brake SP may reduce effectiveness.  For improved Palmer amaranth control, a minimum of 0.5 inches of rainfall or irrigation is recommended within 72 hours following application.

Brake SP provides the most effective Palmer amaranth control when the soil is undisturbed. Use scouting to determine when cultivation is needed for weed control following sweet potato transplanting.  Disruption of the soil surface during cultivation may lead to Palmer amaranth escapes later in the season.  Therefore, a broadcast application of a residual herbicide registered for application in sweet potato (e.g. Dual Magnum®) is recommended immediately following cultivation.  Dual Magnum will not control emerged Palmer amaranth.

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Brake SP Label (PDF)

Brake SP Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

Section 18 emergency exemptions: Brake SP is not registered by the EPA. It is authorized for use only under a Section 18 Emergency Exemption for the control of Palmer amaranth in sweet potato in select counties in the state of North Carolina. Refer to the Section 18 use directions for additional details and use limitations.

Always read and follow label directions. Brake is a registered trademark of SePRO Corporation. Valor® SX Herbicide is a registered trademark of Valent U.S.A. LLC. Dual Magnum is a registered trademark of a Syngenta Group Company.