New for 2018, Brake Herbicide

Improved grower flexibility with the Brake Herbicide.  Take control using your own preferred pigweed herbicide program.  Brake herbicide is applied at planting, with another residual such as Diuron, Reflex® or Cotoran.  The grower chooses POST and residual herbicide and applies within 18 days after planting.  Sit back and relax as Brake goes to work.  Scout fields and if necessary apply overlapping residuals with POST applications.

Optimized performance based on regional agronomic weed control practices

Following four years of field use under Section 18 emergency use exemptions and close collaboration between SePRO, growers, and over 25 university researchers and extension agents, 2 different formulations of Brake Herbicide are available.

Brake represents a new mode-of-action for use in cotton to strengthen resistance management and provide control of glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth along with many other broadleaf weeds and grasses.  These formulations offer exceptional safety to cotton with extended residual weed control allowing farmers to get their cotton off to a great start and maximize yield potential.  These formulations also contain a second active ingredient (dual modes of action) to increase activity across a range of weather conditions and further strengthen your herbicide program and resistance management stewardship.  Brake Herbicide provides exceptional pre-emergence control and excels under wet conditions giving you assurance when it is too wet to get back in the fields.

Brake FX Herbicide Logo.
Brake FX Herbicide, a group 12 and 7 herbicide.

Brake FX is a combination of fluridone [Group 12] plus fluometuron [Group 7] for use in the mid-south, southwest and west. 

Brake F16 Herbicide Logo
Brake F16 Herbicide, a group 12 and 14 herbicide.

Brake F16 is a combination of fluridone [Group 12] plus fomesafen [Group 14] for use in the southeast.

Brake Herbicide formulations by state, 2016.
Example Herbicide Programs for Roundup Trait Based Systems Featuring Brake.