2018 PhytoGen® Residual Rewards Program

SePRO Corporation and Brake Herbicide are enthused to be a partner in the PhytoGen® Residual Rewards Program.  Brake is the premier preemergence herbicide providing unmatched residual weed control and optimizing cotton production with PhytoGen® cottonseed.

How to Qualify

1.  Plant approved PhytoGen® cotton varieties in 2018
2.  Purchase your Brake formulation of choice from a qualifying retailer November 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018
3.  Apply Brake formulation of choice during the 2018 growing season following label directions
4.  Purchase and apply herbicides following recommended crop protection programs (below)

Recommended Crop Protection Programs

Earn your Reward

Program rebate of $1.00/acre.  See your SePRO Cotton Advisor for more information about this program or visit PhytoGenResidualRewards.com